How do you want to Communicate

About CathCom

Our Aim

We aim to help churches, schools, organisations and charities communicate effectively. Communication is not just about announcements and press releases, it is about how you work each day. Our understanding of how organisations work is balance by our knowledge of IT Systems and the possibilities they offer. With a fresh approach to projects we are confident we can help you not only achieve your goals, but also goals that you didn't think were possible. At the same time we can save you and your staff time and money.

Who are we?

We are company made up of dedicated people with a wide range of talents and experience. We've worked in many different organisations which brings a wealth of experience. Being a company and not a charity, means we have had to build CathCom up by earning every penny. We've not been able to rely on donations, and things that we have achieved in the past 10 years are a testimony to the talent of our staff and the IT Systems we have built and used to enable to acieve so much.

What is the CathCom Group

The CathCom Group is a group of companies, websites, publications and projects that work together under the same umbrella - sharing resources, ideas, systems and communications.

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