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Catholic Directory Information

The Potential

The information held in the directory - the parishes, Masses, schools, priests, teachers and people throughout the Church - is a valuable source of information for people looking for information about their local Church or school. It also has huge potential to enable and facilitate so many projects, networks and processes. It can be used to simplify communication, press releases, planning, project management, distribution and managing accounts.

The information can be used to improve all areas of life in the Church. It creates connections between parishes, schools, committees and people. It helps us know what it happening in the Church and helps us tell others what we are doing. Before we can communicate with the outside world we have to be able to communicate within the Church - and it is the directory information that enables us to do that.

Need to Update your Information?

You can see why it is so important to keep this information up to date. So please click here if you need to update your information on the Catholic Directory. You can either send us an email with updates or we can send you a link so you can update the details directly yourself.

To find out how the directory information could benefit your work feel free to contact us on +44 (0)1440 730399 or email us.

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