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Our Special Projects Show You What We Can Do
  • Papal Visit UK 2010
    When Pope Benedict visited the UK in 2010 we published 200,000 daily newspapers over 4 days. Each day was a different paper with articles and pictures from the day before with information about the coming day's events.
    Day 1 focused on Pope Benedict's arrival in Edinburgh followed by the Papal Mass in Glasgow - 50,000 papers were given out for free at Bellahouton Park, Glasgow.
    Day 2 was in Twickenham where the Pope met students and religious, then in the afternoon he travelled through London to visit Westminster Abbey and address Parliament. A total of 50,000 papers were given out in both locations.
    Day 3: There was a Papal Mass in Westminster Cathedral - copies of that day's paper were given out and we also found time to give out 10,000 local Diocesan papers as a favour to the Diocese. In the afternoon we gave out the rest of the 50,000 copies of Issue 3 of the Papal Visit paper during an event with the Pope in Hyde Park.
    Day 4 we travelled to Birmingham to hand out Issue 4 of the Papal Visit at the Final Mass where Cardinal Newman was Beatified.
    Each day photos and interviews were gathered during the day, the paper was put together over night, it was sent to the printers at 5.00am and we travelled overnight to collect the papers so we could be on the streets at 8.00am handing them out. The deadlines were tight, we worked round the clock and it was a huge success
  • World Youth Day Madrid 2011
    Similarly to the Papal Visit paper we published the only English paper for the World Youth Day and one of the only publications dedicated to the World Youth Day that was put together during the event itself. Once again our team gathered interviews and photos during the week whilst working out the final logistics to distribute the paper at the World Youth Day in Madrid. The paper was put together overnight on the Friday of the World Youth Day so as to include the arrival of Pope Benedict on the Thursday evening. Then 50,000 copies were printed and handed out for free starting on Friday morning. We had a huge amount of help from people who wanted to support the paper including the Pontifical Council for Social Communications.
  • Festival 50 - Arundel & Brighton Diocese's 50 Anniversary Souvenir Magazine. It was a huge priviledge to be asked to produce a souvenir magazine celebrating 50 years of the Arundal & Brighton Diocese. The publication was to go out to every person attending a Catholic Church or School in the Dioceses. Initially the cost was going to be £17,000, however, we worked with the Diocese to get advertising for the magazine and it actually generated income for the Diocese.
  • Festival 50 - Arundel & Brighton Diocese's 50 Anniversary Programme and Order or Service. A huge celebration for the Arundel & Brighton 50th Jubilee was held at the Amex Stadium in Brighton. We published the programme and the order of service which was handed out to each person that attended. Again we worked with the Diocese so overall both publications made a profit for the Diocese.

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